Love At First Spank: A Spanking And Age Play Romance

Age play isn’t just being naughty and getting spanked, but when those things are happening it’s pretty sweet!

Confident and sexy, Sammy approaches a man in a bar. She thinks this is going to be just one night of fun, then quickly discovers this guy is more than that.

Damian loves nothing more than to drape a naughty girl over his knee, lift her skirt and give her a sound spanking. He likes being called ‘Daddy’ and taking charge. Even as he meets this girl though, he wonders if his fortunes in finding willing girls to play with and date have changed. She seems different to most of the girls he has met somehow. Rather than jumping all over him to be her partner, she’s tough and independent, with a strong bratty streak. To tame this naughty girl, he’s going to need a lot more than rough sex and the promise of a sound spanking.

Will Sammy come around and realise that Damian is more than just a bit of fun for a Saturday night? Will she be able to submit to him full-time? Will her love of independence – or was it fear of commitment – get in the way of her finding happiness with this man who is giving her things she has been dreaming about for years?

WARNING: This fast-paced age play and spanking romance novella includes scenes of spanking, bondage, BDSM, age play and domestic discipline. If these things don’t excite you, please don’t purchase. If they do however, go right ahead and treat yourself to a decent one-handed read!