A Week Before Kinkmas and All Was Quiet…

This year has been a huge one for me, as I am sure it has been for many of my readers. I am in a position now where I am looking back at a full, long year and going, “oh my, how did I fit all that into one year!?”

I guess I just did…

This year, I’ve released a number of books, which were not only a great creative outlet and a good way for me to explore kink and relationships, but also connected me more with you guys, my community of readers!

So I wanted to take this opportunity – on today, which is one week before Christmas, which I celebrate and I know many of you do too – to wish all of my readers a happy holiday season for whatever they celebrate (or don’t celebrate) and a wonderful and safe new year!


Best Wishes,

S. L. Finlay

Kinky People, Here’s How To Have More Fun & Play Safer!

I have been involved in my local kink community for over a decade. The quality of information about any particular kink can be patchy at best. Like many kinksters, I am invested in good information because it means I can have more fun and play more safely. It’s a win-win, really! Over the years, I have gone to a bunch of workshops and only one of those changed how I played due to new information.

That one informative workshop was on breath play. The workshop included a demonstration before the facilitator shared pages and pages of notes from medical journals about the impacts of breath play on the body and brain. The workshop was both hot as hell with the demonstration and chilling because even though I am a huge nerd, even I didn’t know half of what she was talking about. At the time I didn’t have a scientific background I have now so didn’t have the know-how to research these topics independently.

Some time later, I was talking to a friends’ new dominant about breath play – something he had been doing for well over a decade at his own estimation – I spoke about some of the dangers of breath play with him which I’d learned about in the workshop. Speaking about how if you mess this up and the person ends up in hospital, there’s things even the best medical technology can’t monitor. The guy didn’t know this. It frustrated me to see him playing with my friend with so little knowledge. There has to be a better way to get that knowledge out there en mass so everyone can benefit from it I thought, not just those who have time and money for workshops.

Our community has an information gap. There is some good information out there. The information though is fragmented, can often be out of date, and you can never be sure of how well-researched this information is or even if the person is an authority on a particular kink.

That’s where my new project comes in. I will be giving back to the kink community using my scientific background and extensive kink experience. Using deep research methods to put different kinks under the microscope I will be highlighting key topics of background, technique, safety and more. Just like the workshop facilitator did when she told the room about what she’d found in medical research. I’ll be taking a deep dive into different kinks so people in the community can take the latest knowledge and use it to not only play safe, but also to understand more about kink and alternative sexuality. Each paper with its breath of knowledge can be a spring board for patrons to explore their kinks. This can also be a valuable piece of information which they have in their back pocket for when they engage in conversations about kink.

This is a project for the community. As such, I am asking members of the community to financially back the project so I can ‘buy the time’ to do this important work rather than the other paying projects which are vying for my time and energy. I am asking interested patrons to also critique papers. Is there something more you’d like to know? The people who this information is serving – my patrons – will be asked what they want to know and I’ll be delivering that information. All members of the Patreon community have a voice in this project.

Although in the long term, I would like to release this research outside the Patreon community for the betterment of the larger kink community, currently I have no plans for such a release. Each paper shared with the Patreon community is a draft for the community to further unpack and ask questions about. For this reason, you have to be an active member of the Patreon community to access the papers and I ask members of the Patreon community to not share, distribute or plagiarize the papers.

If you can see yourself benefiting from the information in these papers, or just want to support someone who is doing good work in the community, you can become a patron for as little as $5 per month. There are other benefits outside of accessing the papers too. Everything from monthly kinky short stories, to free ebooks, to commissioning custom short stories written by myself. To learn more about all the benefits and to become a patron, please read the patron tiers on my patreon page before you make your pledge.

This is an exciting project and one which although in its early stages, I hope helps the kink community for years to come!

Writing about kink that’ll get you hot then give you the tools to make your fantasies a reality!

The title says it all while expressing the aim of my Patreon page. The very page which I am launching today! A Halloween launch feels like a great time for anything a little edgy or alternative, both things this project is.

My Patreon is a place where I share exclusive behind the scenes looks at my creative work, creative process, and my new kink research project. As someone with a background in professional writing and research, this combines both of my loves in a way that will benefit my community. Which is something that excites me more than any other launch I’ve had to date!

Those that love my fiction will receive a free short story every month as a thank you for signing up, and once I have reached my modest $350 per month goal, I will be releasing research-driven articles on kink for those who want to take kink out of their fantasy lives and into their bedrooms. Or, for old hands who don’t have the time for the deep research it takes to know all the things about a kink, but want to give something new a try, or learn more about something they’ve been doing for a some time.

For as little as $5 a month, you can be a part of this. For just a little more you can gain all sorts of awesome rewards from free books to custom short stories, there’s a heap of awesome rewards for every level!

So, what are you waiting for? Be one of the first to support me on Patreon.

Daddy’s Baby Now Available For Pre-Order!

I’m very excited for Daddy’s Baby to now be available on Amazon! The book was supposed to be out September 14th. This has been a long wait to finally have this book coming into the world. So, hence the excitement! Also, look at that cover! Isn’t he yummy?

I adored this man, and he put a ring on it! I couldn’t believe my luck. My man meant so much to me and we were building a life together. We would have a baby and life would be perfect. Forever. Then I saw some things that he couldn’t take back. What he did wasn’t forgivable. What he did meant everything changed. I left before he returned home and no-one knew where I went to.

I loved that woman more than anything in my life. She was mine and I was hers. When I heard she left, it tore me apart. I couldn’t take it. When I thought it was over and there was no going back, I saw her. Our baby was not a baby, but a child. I knew then that I had to have her back.

Daddy’s Baby is a Military BDSM age play story with hot scenes that sizzle all the more through their tenderness and sweetness. A standalone book which has a guaranteed HEA and no cliffhangers.

So, you’re picking up a pre-order then? You’ll want to. Purchase your pre-order here, and it’ll appear on your device on the release date, October 26th. You’ll be one of the first readers – yay!

Until next time – happy reading!

S. L. Finlay

Writer For Hire (Fetish/BDSM/Age Play/Kink Fiction and Non-Fiction)

Previously I wrote about how I was happy to write custom short stories for my readers. Upon reflection, I thought, hey, I already write non-fiction about age play and fetish, why don’t I just put it out there on the website once and for all that I am happy to write custom work for others, both fiction and non-fiction.

Then I had one of those moments where you think, ‘wait, why did it take me so long to think of that!?’

So, there it is, the most obvious page on my website ever.

Now Crafting Custom Short Stories For My Readers (writer for hire here!)

I am now a writer for hire. Of course, I am still writing erotica and romance. Only now readers can commission me directly to hear the stories they want with all the naughty details they are hungry for.

As this is a new venture of mine, I am not sure what will happen, so I’m taking a deep breath before throwing myself off the diving board, but I hope that I can help some people to realise their own fantasies and give them some material to either share with a partner (or partners, as the case may be) in addition to perhaps enjoying the custom creations on their own.

Readers can do anything from saying ‘I want a story with a hero and a heroine, there to be a scene with her in a nappy where he kisses her feet’ to simply saying ‘I like ABDL, can you make sure the female character shares my name?’ So, it shall be interesting to see what you guys want to read now you have the option to ask directly for whatever your heart desires.

If this turns out to be popular, of course I’ll share the details here. Respecting everyone’s privacy of course. If it doesn’t, then that’s fine too. I am just excited for the opportunity to further connect with readers! If you’re interested in learning more, you can check out my gig over here.

Until next time – happy reading!

S. L. Finlay

#AgePlayNews For June

When you can’t find something you want, sometimes the answer is to make it. #AgePlayNews is a spot on the internet to bring together all the awesome stuff that age players want to know about and love on a monthly basis.

This month, science tells us that kinky sex makes us more successful, Dan Savage gives advice to the partners of people with ABDL fetishes and sex blogger Karley Sciortino talks BDSM on VICE, but first, some humour.

A friend of mine sent this to me, and it made me laugh so hard, a bit of daddy dom related humour:

This month, Harpers Bazaar wrote a very positive piece about kinky sex that should be shared as widely as possible. ‘Kinky Sex Could Be the Secret to Your Succes

Dan Savage gives some sage advice to the wife of a diaper lover (ABDL) who doesn’t exactly dig his kink, not a bad read actually.

Feminist sex blogger and journalist Karley Sciortino created her own series on VICE chronicalling alternative sexuality. There’s plenty of BDSM in the first season, no age play as of yet. However, it’s a good view of some topics that aren’t talked about much and I know some age players will be interested. For Australians, you can find her stuff online at SBS on demand.

That’s all for this months age play news. If there’s anything I have missed that you’d like to see in the round-up, please leave a comment below or get in touch.

Until next time,

Stacey Finlay