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Love At First Spank Now Available In More Places AND In Paperback!

Just in time for Christmas, you can purchase a copy of Love At First Spank for your bookshelf. I am slowly re-releasing books for you guys in more stores as I know not everyone uses Amazon. For this reason, Love At First Spank is available at more stores all the time including Kobo and Smashwords.

Love At First Spank is joining Billionaire’s Little Sweetheart, Saint Paddy’s Daddy and Alice’s Adventures in Kinkyland as a paperback book. Before Christmas, Into The Darkness will also receive a revamp and be released in the same way – in more stores, and more formats for readers – it takes time to do this, but I’ve received positive feedback from you guys so far, so don’t mind the extra work.

In case you missed it as well, I have posted a blog on Patreon with more information about how the patreon can help members of this community. This is a project near and dear to me which I hope will be of value to my readers and the wider kink community.

That’s all for today.

Until next time – happy reading!

S. L. Finlay

It’s here guys! My new book is here!

Daddy’s Baby is now live on Amazon! I know plenty of you guys pre-ordered, and thank you all for that! But if you didn’t, don’t despair, you can still purchase a copy of the book here.

Want to know what you’re buying beyond that hot cover photo, well…

I adored this man, and he put a ring on it! I couldn’t believe my luck. My man meant so much to me and we were building a life together. We would have a baby and life would be perfect. Forever. Then I saw some things that he couldn’t take back. What he did wasn’t forgivable. What he did meant everything changed. I left before he returned home and no-one knew where I went to.

I loved that woman more than anything in my life. She was mine and I was hers. When I heard she left, it tore me apart. I couldn’t take it. When I thought it was over and there was no going back, I saw her. Our baby was not a baby, but a child. I knew then that I had to have her back.

Daddy’s Baby is a Military BDSM age play story with hot scenes that sizzle all the more through their tenderness and sweetness. A standalone book which has a guaranteed HEA and no cliffhangers.

So hop to it guys!

I’m unsure when my next release has been as I have had some health issues which have prevented me from writing, but will be back on my feet for releases early 2019, if not before then.

So enjoy this book, and my others, until I’m back with new things to share with your wonderful selves!

Happy Reading!

NEW RELEASE!: Alice’s Adventure’s never looked so good!

For those of you who have never read my kinky fun version of the great ‘through the looking glass’ fame, where have you been? No, really… where have you been? I released it ages ago and it’s recently received a new revamp and had the second edition released, including a cover I adore because it’s just as odd as my off-beat romantic heroine. Check it out!

About this awesome little book…

What if Alice didn’t fall, but found the rabbit hole on her own and decided to walk that dark path?

Alice is no stranger to being led down rabbit holes. She’s been circling this crazy underground world of fetish and BDSM for a few years now and is beginning to dip her toes into the secret community of people who share the same kinks as she does, when she finds a man whose magnetism pulls Alice further into the world though, Alice hesitates. What does she really want?
Alice’s internal struggle as she comes to terms with what she wants and how perhaps things are not quite as they seem in the first place in this crazy upside down world she has come into. Perhaps these kinky people are just like her, or perhaps they aren’t. She’ll find all the answers she seeks when she takes a deep breath and walks further down the rabbit hole than she originally intended, pushing past her own limits in the process.

This book contains details of kink, fetish and BDSM as we follow one woman’s exploration of this darker world. Elements of age play and Daddy Dom lay at the heart of this book and the tale has a guaranteed HEA.

What do you say? Time to read your copy? I think so!

Until next time – happy reading!

S. L. Finlay

The Final Dirty Story Friday (and it’s a hawt one!)

This week is the final week of Dirty Story Friday stories. It’s been a good experience for me – exploring some fetishes that I don’t normally get to explore – and I hope that my readers have had a chance to read some of the stories, and to enjoy them.

Today’s story is something a little different, and rather hot:

Sally’s Daddy Dom has been sharing fantasy scenarios with her again. He’s told her he wants to try something a little bit different this time. He would like to share her with some hot young dominant men he knows. There’s one catch: she’s not allowed to know how many, or who they are. They could be his best friends or they could be total strangers. Tentatively, Sally agrees and throws herself into a scenario she had previously only dreamed of.

You can grab your copy on Amazon or Smashwords.

This will be the last release of mine between now and September 14th, when I am releasing a full-length romance novel again, which is exciting!

I will be blogging between now and then though, as I still have Age Play News at the end of every month and a few other things that will likely come up between now and then too.

But, until next time, happy reading everyone!


Dirty Story Fridays: Fit To Be Mated

The third week (of four, oh no! We’re running out of weeks!) of dirty story friday releases is upon us, and this week there’s something a little different. A story about a sexy personal trainer who turns out to be a werewolf. Similar themes of course to the Immortal Battle Series, this one is all naughty paranormal erotica.

She’s a cute little thing with a need for lessons in kicking ass. He’s a sexy personal trainer with a secret: he’s also a werewolf and her destined mate. Now he’s got twenty-one days to prove to her that he’s worthy of her. At the end of that time, they’ll either have a kind of steamy, passionate coupling that they’re destined to have, or she’ll kick him to the curb. They both already know which one she’ll choose.

Grab your steamy werewolf erotica on Amazon or Smashwords.

Next week I do finally reveal the second in the for the naughty series where Sally gets to experience an anonymous gang bang orchestrated by her Daddy. I was meant to launch that this week but because life, couldn’t. So, next week. It’ll be a nice cherry on the sundae of my age play erotica lovers.

Until next week – happy reading!

Dirty Story Fridays: Playing With Daddy And The Clown

The second week of Dirty Story Fridays is here with a story about menage fun with a hawt Daddy Dom and a Clown. I actually really enjoyed writing this one as it combines a few fetishes I’m interested in. For those who are curious to read about balloon fetishes, tickling and of course clown sex/porn in the setting of menage, this is the story for you!

Sally is a very naughty girl. Her boyfriend and dominant Nick wants to help her fulfill them. Her fantasies involve being shared with hot young men in a way that makes her blush to talk about her desires. When she reveals her fantasy about having a menage experience with a clown, she knows she has hit upon something everyone will love: with balloons and cake and tickle fights, and a hot, steamy experience she’ll never forget, Sally signs up for something different, and something exciting.

Sally’s Stories are heavy on fetish and this one is suitable for those who love clown make up, anonymous play, menage, anal play, tickling, balloons and double penetration. For the naughty!

Want to get your hot little hands on a copy? You can get yours today at Amazon or Smashwords.

Keep an eye out next week for the second in this series where our girl Sally gets to experience an anonymous gangbang.

… Then I get back to naughty romances.

… Nah, just kidding. It’s two more weeks of this before I get back to romance. I hope ya’ll enjoy the different material.

Happy Reading,

S. L. Finlay

Dirty Story Fridays

During the month of July, I will be releasing one dirty short story a week on a Friday. Some of these will include age play of some description (at least half), all of them will include elements of BDSM.

I wanted to do this after deciding to take some time off publishing romance for a few months and having a couple people contact me asking me about the next romance release and lament when told it’s not until September 14th.

So, I sat down and wrote a few dirty stories to keep you guys going this month.

The dates of release (and general themes of) the short stories are as follows:

July 6th – Public Menage with Daddy (available on Kindle and at Smashwords). Age play story where Daddy shares his girl with a man in the park who might just be a stranger. Has a great ending actually, I’d love to hear what readers think of the ending (and the whole story, really, but mostly the ending).

July 13th – Her Daddy shares her with a naughty clown. There’s tickling, balloons and an (adult) baby girls birthday party in here. I’ve been curious about clown fetishes for some time, so really loved writing this story! This is part of a series with the July 20th release.

July 20th – She is taken by a group of men after her Daddy promises to give her the anonymous gang bang she’s always fantasised about. Every bit of rough that she craved, she loves every moment! This is part of a series with the July 13th release.

July 27th – Her sexy personal trainer isn’t just muscles, he’s a werewolf ready to show her a good time. This story is reminiscent of the tales in the Immortal Battle romance series.

I hope you guys enjoy these stories and they keep ya’ll going until September 14th!

Of course, I’ll blog as each story is released, and will be in touch with the people who signed up for the newsletter too, so they don’t miss a release.

Until next time – Happy Reading!

S. L. Finlay