S. L. Finlay (A.K.A Stacey Finlay) is an Australian writer, author and alternative sexuality researcher. Inspired by her lived experiences of BDSM, fetish, kink and age play she has taken to writing hot kink fiction and well researched non-fiction about all things alternative sexuality. Stacey’s work has appeared in SBS, Archer Magazine and others and she is leveraging her community at Patreon to create long-form ‘guides to kink’, articles that use science based research and interviews with experts to explore specific fetishes, kinks, aspects of BDSM and age play.

Stacey’s goal is – with the assistance of her community and readers – to create a more liberated world where everyone is free to explore their sexuality safely.

Stacey is a formerly globe-trotting kinkster who has returned to her home town of Melbourne with enough tales of love, loss and exotic fetish to fill many volumes of autobiographies. Instead, she has chosen to turn her pen to writing fictional stories about heroes who make you swoon and heroines who make you green with envy.

Stacey began her writing career as a music journalist who used her natural charm and confidence to gain access to places she shouldn’t have been and get interviews with artists who wouldn’t be interviewed by anyone else. She did this before going on to work as a professional writer in London where she further polished her skills while adventuring through the BDSM scene there.

With themes of sexual exploration, power, passion and adventure permeating through her fiction work, it’s not hard to see where Stacey got her ideas from.

Stacey has also turned her research background and professional writing skills to a new project where she will produce well researched long form articles for the BDSM community, to find out more about the project and add your support, please click here.

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