S. L. Finlay (A.K.A Stacey Finlay) is an Australian writer and author who – through her own experience being shamed for her age play fetish – saw that more needed to be done to unmask more taboo fetishes so everyone can live in a freer world where they can explore their sexual and romantic lives with autonomy and joy.

Stacey is a formerly globe-trotting kinkster who has returned to her home town of Melbourne with enough tales of love, loss and exotic fetish to fill many volumes of autobiographies. Instead, she has chosen to turn her pen to writing fictional stories about heros who make you swoon and heroines who make you green with envy.

Stacey began her writing career as a music journalist who used her natural charm and confidence to gain access to places she shouldn’t have been and get interviews with artists who wouldn’t be interviewed by anyone else. She did this before going on to work as a professional writer in London where she further polished her skills while adventuring through the BDSM scene there.

With themes of sexual exploration, power, passion and adventure permeating through her work, it’s not hard to see where Stacey got her ideas from.

When not writing stories filled with romance and hot sex, Finlay is roaming the Australian bush with her two dogs or relaxing in city bars with her friends.

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