Billionaire’s Little Sweetheart is now available in paperback!

I love ebooks and have been publishing them independently for a year now. My first ebook was Billionaire’s Little Sweetheart, a book I had written for the love of kink then released on Valentines Day last year.

Well, a year later and I still love the ebook. I had been toying with the idea of going back though and polishing it a little, as the more I wrote the more I felt my writing and story telling improved.

So I went back to do some polishing, then loved it enough to keep going and well, you can see the results.

If you bought an ebook copy of Billionaire’s Little Sweetheart before when it had a different cover, don’t worry. You will receive the second edition for free right to your kindle (just make sure you connect to let it update). If you loved it enough to have it on your shelf, please join me and grab a copy.

If this proves to be popular I would like to release more of my work in paperback, but of course I will only do this if that’s what my readers want. So, if you want to support an indie author moving into print books, please purchase your copy of Billionaire’s Little Sweetheart now.


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